Friday, July 15, 2011

The Power of KNOWING Who You Are!

Beautiful women inspire me every day, and I'm not talking about physical appearance either. Seeing someone's BEFORE and AFTER is motivational, sure, but inspiration goes so much deeper than the outward appearance. I love people, I love the battle for good, I love trials (mostly when they're over :), and I love having a purpose.

The formula for weight loss is easy: burn more calories than you consume. Simple enough, right? NO WAY, what you get to take into account is the emotional, and mental side of the equation, and that part is much more complicated.

2 years ago I saw the informercial for P90X and thought "THAT'S IT, my answer to ALL my problems!" PUUULLLLEEEASE people! Making the decision is only the FIRST step. The battle that goes on later is much more invasive. You see, I based my self esteem on the reflection in the mirror. I thought that if I could fix that image I would be happy. The problem was no matter how small I got I was NEVER good enough. I would pick apart every little flaw. And then I would binge, and feel horrible, and then get strict again, and then binge. The cycle was damaging, and I didn't like the example I was setting for my kids. I was angry and frustrated, and I couldn't understand how people do it. How do their "AFTER'S" look so good?! What's the matter with me?!!! And there in that phrase was my problem. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me. My worth is NOT determined by stuff, by weight, by people's opinions, by success, by any of the worldly garbage that is thrown in our face DAILY!!! I am beautiful, I have a purpose, I know who I am, I know where happiness and joy come from.

The journey to a healthy life is NOT traveled on one road. It is NOT just healthy eating, and exercise. It is not just attending church, and reading scriptures. It is NOT just rolling in money and traveling the world, or owning stuff. It is NOT a perfect body with the perfect breasts, or a tiny waist, and flawless skin, or for you men, the perfect pecs, a six pack, and a loaded wallet. A healthy life is being at peace, and content, NOT complacent, CONTENT! Do you really want to be fit, and feel good? Than you must follow a very important formula. First, self-reflection. Do you know who you are? If you don't than you have some work to do.

If you don't know how to self-reflect than here's where you start. Ask someone you trust, whom you love and they love you, and who KNOW YOU, to tell you what they see in you. Then take out a notepad, or journal and write down EVERYTHING they said. Then you kneel down in prayer, and I don't care what religion or faith you have, if you believe in a higher power, whom I lovingly call Heavenly Father, then you kneel down and ask Him if what has been written down is true. Then you ask for HIS help. You pour your heart out, sob til you have nothing left. Ask HIM what HE sees in you, and you will have your answer. He will tell you! Write down your impressions, write down those feelings, Thank Him for EVERYTHING, let HIM embrace you and bask in the glorious feeling of that love. Then you reflect.

Know that you are not alone on this difficult journey. I am here! You have people that love you, and honor you. Lean on them. I have a group on facebook that I have started called Staying Fit and Loving It, to me, it is more than just fitness and nutrition, it is a group of people battling and fighting to be better, do better, and feel better. If you want to be a part of it please let me know in the comments below, or email me at

We need each other, we need to know we matter. Trust the process, and show up for yourself, you deserve it.

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