Monday, May 9, 2011

Shifting How I SEE My Goals... Now It's About How It Feels!

Here I am, it's Monday, Mother's Day is over, and I seriously over indulged:( I'm not too happy with myself, but I'm over it. I am starting my 3-day Shakeology cleanse today, and I am refocusing on my health. I have had this goal in my mind that I want to reach 15% body fat, but my actions would speak otherwise. As I was thinking about it though, I think the vanity of the "ideal" body leaves me feeling sad, and over anxious. I'm not saying the goal is a bad thing, I just think I start throwing too many should's and should nots at myself.

So why am I doing the cleanse? I want to clear out all the junk from my system. This isn't a typical cleanse either. Instead of depriving my body of nutrients so my body eats away muscle, and other vital body parts, it packs my body full of nutrients, and cleans out the garbage. It's only 3 days because the calorie count is low, and any longer would have my body shifting to starvation mode. Instead, it allows my body to reach homeostasis, or regulates my body's internal condition, and stabilizes my health and functioning of my body. Now that is a VERY good thing. No deprivation, just cleaning out the impurities.

I feel I need it because I've become a bit of a sugar junky, especially lately. And I know it's affecting my body negatively. I'm more moody, tired, bloated, and I'm bonking during my workouts. My head also feels foggy. I want clarity and energy, so I know my body is telling me something has got to change, hence the cleanse. Oh and yoga! 3 days of focused, hard yoga. I am tuning in people! After that I'm refocusing my attention on eating for health, not for weight, or the "ideal" body size. I think all of that will happen naturally. It's not a big secret that processed foods, fake sugar, saturated fats, and refined carbs reek havoc on the body. And I am a testimony that it's affecting me in more ways then a slightly tighter pair of jeans.

My focus just needs a little tweaking. Food is fuel, and what I put in the tank will determine how long my body will last, plus help me push the envelope with fitness. I love an intense workout, but until I change my poor eating habits I'll never reach the level of fitness that I want.

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