Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Create the time you think you don't have

I've been away for a little too long...it seems that the ipad is too easy to use for all internet needs, except I can't blog on it? So out of convenience week after week I have failed to go down the stairs to use my laptop in the basement...it's silly really, but out of sight out of mind I suppose. No matter I am here now.

There are a few things on my mind so bare with me as I try to organize my thoughts.

First, my feet...argh. I never really appreciate parts of my body until they start to bother me. Plague #1 I have never had an issue with dry, cracked feet until lately. The bottom of my feet look like scales on an alligator, only my scales peel, and hurt unless they are in shoes at all times. Plague #2 I think I have a heel spur, which occurs from chronic overuse. This makes perfect sense because I am jumping, and running, and squatting, and lunging every day. Plague #3 hard calluses have developed on my big toes, and the side of the pad of my foot. This really isn't that big of a deal only I got rid of them after high school because I wasn't nearly as active. So this has become a testament to my increased physical activity. They aren't pretty, but it's part of my new lifestyle, so I should show them proudly I suppose. So instead of plague #3 it is Trophy #1.

That was one of my thoughts, I'm sure you are so blown away by how interesting all of that was. No matter, it was interesting to me...lol. Now for my next thought... Children...pretty broad topic, but a huge part of my life.

First, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing as a mother most of the time. I've also noticed the more I want to do things for myself, the more frustrated I get when my kids interrupt. Here's my thinking. I know my kids need my attention, need me to serve them, need me to discipline them, teach them, play with them, feed them. I know this, and it is only the times when I am not prepared, or haven't planned that I get frustrated when they need me or want me for some reason. For example, my baby wants/needs to nurse, he loves that time, it's his. Maybe it's because he has to fight for attention among 3 others, in either case, he won't let go until he's ready. When I accept this truth and all that comes with it, I don't get frustrated or annoyed because he needs to nurse...again. The only time I get frustrated is when I expect HIM to change HIS needs, for MINE. And usually it's not my needs, it's my wants. Another example, if I want to exercise in the morning, I know I must either get up early before the kids wake, at least an hour before, or wait until they are fed breakfast, butts are changed, and they are dressed and ready for the day. Why? Well if I don't I will never get a workout in that's worth doing because they'll bug me until I do serve their needs, and then because I'm bugged, I lose my cool, claiming "WHY DON'T I EVER GET TO DO WHAT I WANT?!" The truth is I do get to do what I want, it's just delayed.

Here's my point. If I want to do something, anything for myself, then I must have a plan in place. I must be prepared before hand. So to those people who don't believe they have time for themselves, or that they have to put their kids needs before their own, it's just not true. We just have to plan ahead. We all have 24 hours in a day. Why is it that some can put their health into their schedule, but others NEVER have time? Why is that some can put a home cooked meal on the table more than once a week, while others get takeout instead? Why are some people able to see results from a workout program, while others see nothing change? One word: PREPARATION! Fail to plan, then plan to fail. Life throws curve balls, we know this, so PREPARE for it. Ask yourself, what can I do to make time for myself, whether it be health, or fun, or both? How can I simplify my life? How can I make time to do what I really want to do? What is REALLY important to me? PLAN, PLAN, PLAN...PREP, PREP, PREP... SUCCEED, SUCCEED, SUCCEED! It really is simple.


  1. Good post, Lyenna. I would add Priorities. When your time is in high demand, the things that aren't as important will be dropped to make room for more important things. It is in those moments that we have to make sure our priorities are in the right order.

  2. That is a very good point, and you're absolutely right!